The Boring Morning Ritual

I used to be a morning person but, that’s changed in the past couple of years. I always forget to set the pot of coffee the night before even when I promise myself I would. So I’ve now added an extra 4 minutes worth of “chores” in the morning.

This morning we slept an hour through our alarm! I’m thinking we’re getting too accustomed to the sound. Drew has to be at work at 7:30 am. So normally it’s time to get up at 6 o’ clock. 

A diaper blowout as soon as I open my eyes? No thanks, I’ll pass. Haha I wish. So not only am I rushing to get him out the door and to work I’m having to bathe my child who stinks like hell! I should of just set my coffee the night before. 

He got to work and I made breakfast. Eggs, apples and juice. Nope, not good enough. I’m being screamed at by two pint sized humans who seem to think they run the show. So a handful of dry cereal it is! Better, much better. I’m not sure why I even cook in the morning. They always want cereal. I should know this. I’m trying to make sure they get the nutrition they need but, let’s face it not all moms are perfect.

Whew! Breakfast is over. Now time to put on The Lion King for the millionth time. I can’t wait for it to be over. While they watch the movie I really should be doing the breakfast dishes. I don’t feel like it though. I just want a nap, just a 20 minuet nap. In my wildest dreams. 

So what’s your mornings like? I bet a piece of cake right? Who am I kidding everyone has their own things to deal with . Even those who make life look perfect. I’m happy just to get my hair brushed by 10 am. 


Coffee and snacks

Let me start by saying all I want right now is a nice hot cup of coffee. Have you ever heard how to make a cup of ice coffee? Turn on the pot of coffee,make a cup, have kids and forget about it until it’s cold. Corny I know. I saw it on Facebook. No,seriously though this happens to me almost every morning.

Here’s a little information into my life: My name is Kylia , I’m 24 and two kids. I do the stay at home mom thing. My kids are young. Jordan will be two in 11 days, Aubrey is 10 months. Crazy close in age right? Well, who cares they’re here and I’m enjoying and learning life with them. Their dad works 6 days a week so I rarely have an “adult” conversation. Unless I call my sister in law,Kara. We live the apartment life. To be more specific we live the upstairs apartment life. No fun when it’s time to leave or come home. My toddler thinks he’s grown and carrying an infant inside a carseat downstairs is tiring. Luckily, we’re done with that for today.

Now the kids are playing and I still have no hot coffee. Get up and make some you say? Well, I would except when I’m out of eyesight my daughter screams and my son takes off his diaper. So I will enjoy this beautiful cold cup of coffee.  Hazelnut coffee! I always daydream about sitting at Starbucks with a nice hot cup of coffee reading a good book but, I’m more of a sit at home kind of person.

Well, it’s 3 in the afternoon and snack time at this house. Jordan keeps reminding me it’s time for bites (fruit snacks). I think I may have a pack this time myself. While I’m in the kitchen I may just make that hot cup of coffee. Who really knows? 😆